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Reference Material and Someday Maybe

Reviewing and cleaning my OmniFocus is a painful process. I know, I should have worked harder and all this wouldn't have piled up. Now I have to deal with organizing all the todo-lists.

I try to suffer through the review process and be mindful about it. Trying to see a pattern, here. There are three types of clutter:

  1. stalled projects
  2. someday maybe
  3. reference projects

Stalled Projects

Many of my projects just sit there because they depend on another project or a decision. Ideas for software features I want to implement but can't do it yet, because some other parts of the software need to be finished first.

Write a road map

These projects contain a bunch of ideas, thoughts, links and information. I should write a proper roadmap for that piece of software and only commit the doable, urgent tasks into OmniFocus.

Then I should have a regular review of the roadmap and decide what next tasks to put into OmniFocus.

Maybe install a proper bug tracker

Many of the projects are bug related. Maybe I should look into installing a real bug tracking software?

Someday Maybe

I come up with lots of ideas and I love how easy it is to put all the half baked stuff into OmniFocus. Now those ideas clog my workflow. I need to find a better place for all the Someday Maybe tasks and projects. Placing them into a folder or context is not good.

What can I do? Roadmaps for other areas of responsibility? I don't know, yet, but I need to come up with a proper system for ideas real quick.

Reference Projects

I know OmniFocus is not the place for holding reference material. Many projects contain snippets of code, little instructions, etc.

I used to collect that kind of stuff in Evernote, but something is uncanny about that software. Maybe it's the feeling of putting personal stuff and data I should protect into a cloud service?

Coming up with a good digital filing cabinet for all that is just as crucial for decluttering my OmniFocus as a Someday Maybe-System.

Today's New Projects

Now I have four new Projects:

  • create or update roadmaps
  • Look into bug trackers
  • Come up with a someday-maybe-system
  • Come up with a trusted reference folders