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Trigger Songs

When you feel paralyzed, stuck or can't pick yourself up, a song can help. Have a list and some headphones ready. Pause and listen to a powerful song. Stand up, stretch, move, dance if you are that type.

Right now, I'm listening to "Whatever it takes" by "Imagine Dragons".

When I'm angry I listen to "Killing in the name of" by "Rage against the Maching".

Another secret weapon is "Don't stop me now" by "Queen".

Be careful. Make sure to listen to it with the right attitude and get your ass in gear right after. You want to build a habit here. Don't associate the song with laziness or frustration!

Sometimes I need a song to calm down, signaling that I am done with the stressful work and ready to start something more fun.

There are some nice yoga and binaural songs. Close your eyes, concentrate on your breathing and listen.

One of my go to songs is "Bliss" by "Sirgun Kaur"

If you are in the flow and want to stay there, binaural beats can help.