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Atomic habits

Reading "Atomic Habits" by James Clear was one of the most inspiring things I have done this year.

We all know that once you are on the right track, it's easier than expected to reach your goal. What's hard is getting started. Putting on your running shoes. Grabbing that folder. Opening that spreadheat. Trying to reproduce that bug. Scheduling that meeting.

That means you need to make starting easy and obvious.

Be mindful about the obstacles that prevent you from getting started. For instance, I noticed that I stopped writing blog posts because it took too many steps and I did not have it on every computer.

There was too much friction. In fact I kept forgetting the steps to generate the website and publish it on my server. I fixed that by writing a simple makefile. Now publishing a new post is as easy as typing make publish.

Let's see if I can make blogging a real habit.